Harness the Power of WorldMate API test

Build your own world-class service by leveraging WorldMate’s powerful email parsing technology.

What does the WorldMate API do?

With the WorldMate Email Parsing API, you can extract detailed travel data from your users’ confirmation emails spanning over 1300 sources. Best of all, integrating with the WorldMate API is simple and FREE!
Hotel Chains
Rental Car Agencies
Leisure & Corporate Travel Agencies
Rail Systems
OpenTable & TicketMaster

How Does the WorldMate API Work?

Your user forwards his confirmation email to an inbox created by you – e.g. trips@(yourdomain).com.
You relay the email to WorldMate.
WorldMate processes the email and returns the parsed details to you in XML format.

What Are the Benefits of Using the WorldMate API?

  • Get full details of your users’ travel plans.
  • Generate user profiles based on:
    – Frequency of travel
    – Loyalty memberships
    – Preferred airlines & hotel chains.
  • Build amazing new services for your
    customers without requiring them to
    create a WorldMate account

Accomplish More with WorldMate’s Premium Tier

While standard usage of the WorldMate API is free, we understand that many developers will require more requests, additional availability, and extra support. That's why we introduced the WorldMate Premium Tier, contact us to learn more about it