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Attribution Guidelines

To comply with the WorldMate Email Parsing API Terms of Service, you must affix the "With WorldMate" logo on the primary screen of your app, email, and/or website which contains the data you received from the WorldMate Email Parsing API. The "With WorldMate" logo must be clickable with the following URL: http://www.worldmate.com.

Here are a few different logos you can use depending on the layout requirements of your service.

PNG format

with_WM_170 Download
with_WM_255 Download
with_WM_350 Download

Vector format

with_WM   With WorldMate

Some examples of recommended logo positioning:

example1 example2

If it is not feasible to affix the logo on your app's screen, then you must include the text "With WorldMate" instead. The text must be clickable and points to http://www.worldmate.com.