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API Usage Limits

Free Usage of the WorldMate API

A basic level of WorldMate API usage is offered for free for evaluation purpose. The default rate limit for calls to the API (emails that are sent for processing) effective September 2019 is 100 calls/emails per month whether sent through batch or single API calls.

Important note: The WorldMate parsing API has been designed to process travel confirmation emails and therefore it is up to the developer to make sure that only travel confirmation emails are being sent to its dedicated mailbox. In the event that greater than 50% of the emails sent by you are not actual travel confirmation email, WorldMate has the right to immediately terminate your License.

Knowing your limits

Once your weekly limits have been reached, the WorldMate platform would notify you that the limit has been reached via en email to your contact email address. Your account would remain active to allow you time to mitigate the situation with the WorldMate account managers without interrupting your service to your customers.

Should you require API calls in excess of these limits, you may purchase the WorldMate API Premium Tier.